Sandplay Therapy

Jungian Sandplay, is a creative technique that supports our natural way of healing.

Sandplay allows clients a safe, supported and gentle opportunity to portray something symbolically, as opposed to talking about it.

Although words are an amazing tool that we have, sometimes they are not enough.

Sandplay Therapy offers a nonverbal, compassionate, supportive ‘way in’ to a different, natural way of communicating.

This can be effective if the client is feeling overwhelmed, stuck, out of control or doesn’t have the words to verbalise their thoughts.

Whilst talking therapy works mainly in the domain of the conscious mind, Sandplay Therapy works primary with the Unconscious mind. It can be described as a ‘waking’ dream and flows and fits easily with talking-through when that is needed.

A sandplay client is invited to create a three-dimensional picture in a sand tray using miniature figures.

This is done in the presence of a trained Sandplay Therapist.