Alice Dobby

Alice Dobby

PTUK Accredited Play Therapist and Clinical Supervisor.

I have over 25 years’ experience of working within the childcare industry, mostly as a sole charge nanny, before training with APAC, to become a Play Therapist, gaining my Accreditation status in 2016.

I work with individuals aged 3 – 25.  A child may be referred if he or she:-

• Has low self-esteem or self-confidence

• Has suffered trauma

• Is at risk of being excluded from school

• Has suffered loss or bereavement

• Struggles with peer relationships

• Effected by parental separation/divorce

• Is withdrawn/unhappy

• Has suffered emotional, physical or sexual abuse

• Has nightmares or disturbed sleep

My mission is… ‘Through play allow individuals the space, support and resources to recognize and resolve thoughts and feelings that are on the inside and need to come out’.

Please call the Phoenix Counselling Practice on 01449 675974 for further information on counselling or to make an appointment.